David Shenkenberg On The Importance Of A Good Education

Education refers to the process of training and shaping the mind through attending a formal school. It provides exposure to the arts and sciences, which are sources of a livelihood and empowerment. Education is the soul of a society because it is passed from one generation to another. A parent’s wish is for his/her child to excel in education, become a graduate, and get a very good job.

What makes a good education?

  • Development of critical thinking skills. A key element of a good education is the ability to instill a growing thinking capacity. Education is there to help a child develop the ability to be a rational thinker. Education prepares people for effective problem solving and crisis management. Education is all about instilling a voice of reason within an individual. This prepares people with the skills they need to navigate the world.
  • Development of life skills. At some point in life, a student puts a stop to the classroom life and yearns for an independent life with a family, a good job, car, a house, investments, responsibilities and financial stability. School life equips us with those skills to face the future.
  • ¬†Development to fit in one’s culture. Education is a way of passing common thinking from one generation to another. Schools address family life, religion, lifestyles, and art, which are all aspects of a culture that need to be preserved and shared.
  • Character development. Character is built through education. Good morals help us live together in peace and shape how we treat the world around us. Character is who we are!

Below are some points to emphasize the importance of a good education.

  • Acquiring knowledge. An educated society is an empowered society. Education provides exposure to mathematics, history, technology, arts and many other subjects.
  • Economic growth of the nation. Countries with high literacy rates are more prosperous and the citizens have higher per capita income. In underdeveloped countries, most people are still living below the poverty line.
  • Keeping updated with technology. Great innovations have come up throughout the years with the help of education. Technology has grown and is now incorporated in businesses, hospitals, and even schools.
  • Health awareness. Education has played a very big role in creating awareness in the health sector. We have the ability to detect diseases and even cure them. Educated people are keen to living healthy lifestyles because they are aware of the possible consequences.
  • Self-independence. An educated mindset helps people become financially independent and helps them achieve a brighter future as opportunities come their way. It makes them wiser so that they can make their own decisions.
  • Crisis management. The importance of a good education can be measured by the ability of a person to make critical decisions. Such a quality is helpful in dealing with a crisis as most good decisions are made based on prior knowledge. The ability to assess and determine the best course of action in a difficult situation is always valuable.

David Shenkenberg And Art

Any activity that falls under the broad definition of visual arts has ushered in immense personal enjoyment over many years, and he specifically enjoys the pursuit of painting.

David claims that he has always been very aware of the fact that consistent engagement in creative endeavors is a crucial factor in personal growth, so he tried his hand at different types of endeavors that would satisfy his creative spirit.

Like anything else, painting requires a lot of practice, so being constantly engaged in enhancing his skills and achieving success brings in immense joy and pride. Over the years, David has attended several painting classes that have helped develop this skill.

It’s mainly a personal endeavor, yet he is lucky to have like-minded friends willing to lend a hand or provide valuable guidance and suggestions from time to time.

When investing in art supplies, David points out the need to strike a balance between cost and quality. In the beginning, an artist should focus on buying affordable supplies. As skill develops, more expensive supplies can be purchased. Generally, you do get what you pay for. David suggests buying supplies from Michael’s. If you live near a university, the university stores often carry fine art supplies.

Over a number of years, David has collected a decent amount of art supplies, but the most current buy was a set of oil paints. He has found that most classes teach watercolor and some focus on acrylic, but he wanted to learn oils because that is what Renaissance masters like Leonardo da Vinci used.

Although not on painting, one of the great art books that David has read is Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain. Other than that book, he purchased a short book on oil painting as part of a kit. He also has been to many art galleries and has found inspiration there.

There are a great variety of wonderful books, but he is under the impression that most beginners would benefit greatly by initially taking a class for a more practical and all-round experience.

Art has been a calming experience in David’s life. It is a way to escape from the cares of the world. It also is a way to make gifts for other people.

A creative outlet is something that every person should inculcate, especially since it enables a person to fathom the importance of enjoying the process of creation just as much as the end product.

David’s advice to others is very simple: It is important to enjoy what one creates and be careful to avoid being overly critical of oneself.

True Facts About The iPhone 7

If you are in the marketplace for a smartphone, the first company name that pops up is Apple. Producing consistently strong products and a loyal fan base, it is no wonder the iPhone 7 is highly anticipated. As an avid user of smartphones, the first thing that caught my attention was the words, “water resistant.” Now this is a major benefit for anyone who has experienced the waves of panic when we drop our precious phones around anything damp. That fear will now be erased forever. Some users even report to taking a phone call in the shower with no damage done.

The design has remained the same for the past 2 years now, which is a slight let down; it would be nice for something different. It is also important to note the lack of a headphone jack. This is to make way for the hotly anticipated Apple AirPods. So far people either love them or want the old way back. One major plus is the increase in storage space with the biggest GB rolling in at an impressive 256GB. This can really help to pack in tons more songs, high-quality pictures, and videos on your device.

If you order the jet black iPhone 7, you will notice a brighter screen, seemingly incapable of gaining any scratches. The camera is 12MP, still considered low in the smartphone competition. The front flip comes in at 7MP, still capable of bringing some impressive photographs to life . Like anything else this delicate, you will need to try protect it and keep it from damage. It is recommended to purchase a protective case if you invest in this model. Overall, a stunning phone, a good addition to the Apple range, but fans are still waiting for a few more design upgrades to be truly happy.

David Shenkenberg – First blog post

David grew up in Harlingen, Texas, a small town on the Mexican border. He attended St. Alban’s Day School and Coakley Junior High in Harlingen, South Texas High School for Health Professions in Mercedes and The University of Texas at Austin. His brother, Richard, is a computer programmer in Dallas. His father, Todd, is an oncologist. His mother, Jan, was a homemaker for most of his childhood and then helped run his father’s medical practice. David was mostly studious as a child but did enjoy visiting the beach (South Padre Island) and Mexico. He also spent a lot of time camping with the Boy Scouts, and he did become an Eagle Scout. Sports he played as a child include soccer, baseball, inline hockey and swimming. He competed in many academic competitions, including UIL (University Scholastic League), Pentathlon, Masterminds, and HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America). He won 2nd and 4th place in two respective years in medical spelling in the national HOSA competition in high school. He went to the University of Massachusetts of Amherst to study molecular and cellular biology. Although he did graduate with a master’s degree, this field never quite fit him. He felt a call to write for a living and became an editor for Biophotonics International magazine at Laurin Publishing in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. He moved to the Metropolitan Detroit area because of a relationship that did not work out and decided to stay because of his young children. He worked as a part-time biology professor at a community college and also as an essay grader for educational testing companies before embarking on a journey to work in the field of medical records. He worked remotely for his parents’ medical practice for three years while earning a degree in Health Information Technology from Schoolcraft College in Livonia, Michigan. He did an internship at Providence Hospital in Southfield. After graduating Schoolcraft, he accepted a position at CIOX Health in Madison Heights.